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    What is RESOLUTE?

    Unlock your potential with RESOLUTE - a unique program combining Heart Rate Variability (HRV) science with evidence-based resilience tools.


    Designed for busy professionals committed to personal growth, RESOLUTE offers instant feedback on your stress management and resilience, helping you balance your responsibilities and perform better in all areas of life.

    What is the Challenge?

    Day 1: Introduction to Resilience and HRV

    Day 2: Identifying Personal Stressors

    Day 3: Cultivating a Positive Mindset

    Day 4: Emotional Regulation Techniques

    Day 5: Understanding Your HRV Scores

    Day 6: The Role of Physical Activity in Resilience

    Day 7: Improving Sleep for Better Resilience

    Day 8: The Importance of Social Support

    Day 9: Reflecting on Your Resilience Journey

    Day 10: Introduction to the RESOLUTE Program